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Fort Smith, Arkansas
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Gehrke Jerky - BACKYARD BBQ STYLE 3 oz. Bag

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Gehrke Jerky - BACKYARD BBQ STYLE 3 oz. Bag



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Smoky Barbecue - Gluten Free
Craving for some smoky-spiced finger food? Then this barbecue-flavored brisket beef jerky is perfect for you.
This jerky flavor is low in sugar with just 1gm per ounce of meat which is the reason we've partnered with successful diet clinics to sell our jerky as a healthy alternative to protein bars. You can eat an entire 3oz bag of our Smoky BBQ and only have 3gm of sugar versus a lightweight protein bar with 6 grams or more.
No additional preservatives are added to make sure you get the best of what a brisket beef jerky can offer. Its old-fashioned recipe style features a natural smoke flavoring – perfect for people who are looking for that authentic taste found in smoke-grilled food.
It makes for a great snack that you can relish anytime. Binge-watching your favorite series? Grab a hold of these beef strips as you enjoy your marathon.